Bamboo dish brush

Chic, durable, and ready to tackle dirty dishes!

  • Natural sisal bristles
  • Elegant & functional design
  • Tough on dirt, gentle on Earth
  • Reduce waste & save money with replacement heads

Upgrade your kitchen with our Bamboo Dish Brush that's both stylish and practical! Featuring replaceable heads, natural bristles, and an eye-catching design, it's the ideal choice for conquering any dishwashing challenge.

If subscription, after your first delivery, you will receive just the replacement heads at £4.2

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Bamboo dish brush

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the bristles safe for non-stick cookware?

Yes, the plant-based sisal fiber bristles are gentle and safe for non-stick surfaces.

How do I replace the brush head?

Simply unclip the old head from the handle (wiggle it) and put in the new replacement head, slide back the clip and get cleaning!

How should I care for the brush and replacement heads?

Rinse after each use, allow to air dry, and store in a dry place.

How often should I replace the brush head?

Replacement heads last for two-three months, depending on usage and tasks.

Can I use the brush for cleaning tasks other than dishes?

Absolutely! The versatile design makes it suitable for various cleaning purposes in the kitchen and bathroom.

Is the metal part rust-resistant?

you bet! it's galvanized to prevent rust of any kind!