• How does the Vove subscriptions work?

    It's a breeze! First, decide on the product you want to buy. Next, select the delivery frequency for your refills. Once you've ordered your initial subscription kit, you can choose different frequencies for each item if you'd like.

  • Will my subscription automatically renew?

    Absolutely! Your subscription will renew automatically based on the frequency you selected during your initial purchase. To modify, change the date of your next order, skip your next order, or cancel your subscription, log into your account on our website. Once logged in, click 'My Subscriptions' and choose the subscription you want to update.

  • Is there a cancellation fee for my subscription?

    Absolutely not! You can cancel your subscription without any charges. Refill orders are processed on the same day of the month when you initiated your subscription. To cancel, make the necessary changes by 12:00 the day prior to the order processing. Log in to your account on Vove.co, click 'My Subscriptions', and choose the subscription you want to modify. The "Cancel Subscription" option will be available at the bottom of the page. For some subscriptions there might be a need to fulfill two orders.

  • What is the cost of a subscription?

    With a Vove subscription, you save up to 30% on both the initial order and refills! Shipping fees are calculated separately during checkout and are free for orders over 15£

  • Can I gift a Vove subscription to someone?

    Although there's no official gifting option, you can create a subscription using the recipient's email and shipping address, with your credit card information. Or, you can simply give them a good ol gift card ;)

  • Receiving orders too frequently?

    Sign in to your account, locate the subscription you want to adjust and click the "Edit frequency" button. Need assistance or want to modify your subscription frequency beyond the available options? Shoot us an email at Hello@vove.co.

  • How can I pause, delay, or skip my order?

    1. Sign in to your account here and locate the subscription you want to change. 2. Press the 'Skip' button. 3. Choose whether to fully skip, half skip, or gift your order to a friend. If you encounter any issues logging in, send an email to Hello@vove.co, and we'll provide you with a sign-up link.

  • How do I update my address?

    1. Sign in to your account and find the subscription you want to update. 2. Click on 'Shipping & billing' and hit 'Edit' next to your current address. 3. Enter your new address and click 'Save'. For any difficulties, email us at Hello@vove.co, and we'll gladly assist you.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    1. Sign in to your account. 2. Locate the subscription you want to modify and click the ‘More...’ button. 3. Then click 'Cancel'. If you can't log in, send an email to Hello@vove.co, and we'll send you a sign-up link.

  • What materials are your bottles made from?

    Our bottles are crafted from 100% recycled plastic.The trigger consists of 30% recycled plastic (PP, or polypropylene, to be precise). We opted for entirely plastic triggers as they are simpler to downcycle. However, we are still at work developing a fully recycled trigger.Recycling process:If you need to dispose of the bottle, you can put it in the recycling bin. But since both components are built to last, we recommend reusing them repeatedly.Most local authorities accept plastic triggers for recycling. If yours doesn't, send it back to us, and we will ensure it gets downcycled for you.

  • Can I use my own bottle?

    You are welcome to use your own bottles, but our Vove bottles have been specifically designed to ensure a safe customer experience with the correct measurements for our non-toxic refills.Please make sure to sterilize your bottles before using them and follow our refill instructions precisely.

  • Why do you ship empty bottles?

    We ship our bottles empty to reduce our carbon footprint. You can simply add water to your bottle when it arrives or at your convenience.

  • Are Vove products cruelty-free?

    Absolutely! Vove products are 100% cruelty-free. We adore our furry (and non-furry) friends and ensure no harm comes to them during the creation of our products.

  • Can I use Vove products around pets, children, and pregnant individuals?

    Yes, indeed! Our products are safe for use around everyone, including pets and pregnant people. We've formulated our products without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to make them safe for all.

  • Where are Vove refills made?

    Vove refills are proudly made in Denmark, our home base.

  • Why do you use tabs instead of gel?

    We're committed to using tabs and powders for their superior performance and minimal environmental impact. Unlike liquid-based pods, our powdered products don't require large amounts of fresh water during manufacturing.

  • Where can I find Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Vove products?

    You can access each product's material safety data sheet (MSDS or SDS) by clicking the corresponding links below.

  • How should I use each of the sprays?

    - Surface cleaner: Spray the surface and wipe with a cloth. For stubborn stains, wait a minute before wiping. - Bathroom cleaner: Spray the surface and wipe with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, spray, wait a minute, and then wipe. - Glass cleaner: Spray the surface with the product and remove with a damp cloth before buffing the surface clear with a dry cloth. You can of course also use our brushes or sponges - they are great for the stubborn stains!

  • How do I dispose of refill sachets?

    Refill sachets are recyclable and can be composted at home or industrially. Allow at least 12 weeks of composting time in your home compost.

  • Are your laundry tablets compatible with all machines?

    Yes, our laundry tablets work with all machines, including HE machines, front loaders, and top loaders!

  • Do I need to add salt and rinse aid when using the dishwasher tablets?

    Vove dishwasher tablets are a fantastic all-in-one solution, which means that rinse aid and salt are already included. In most cases, you won't need to add extra salt, unless you live in an area with very hard water.

  • Is there plastic in the Vove dish/laundry tabs?

    No, Vove dish and laundry tabs are free of plastic. We use recyclable cardboard for packaging, and our tabs are encased in a 100% biodegradable PVOH material. You don't need to remove it before use, as it dissolves in water and leaves no residue. Research confirms that PVOH doesn't contribute to microplastics.

  • Do Vove tablets contain enzymes?

    Yes, Vove  laundry pods include enzymes, but they're free of optical brighteners and bleaching agents, ensuring a gentle yet effective clean.

  • What packaging is used for Vove refills?

    Vove refills come in home compostable sachets made from eco-friendly materials like paper, eucalyptus fiber, cassava, and corn starch. These sachets have undergone testing and are certified as home compostable.

  • Do Vove laundry tablets contain fabric softener?

    Our eco laundry tablets currently don't have fabric conditioner. Instead, we recommend trying our hemp dryer balls to soften and refresh your clothes. Traditional fabric softeners can coat clothing fibers with chemicals, making them less absorbent and breathable, and potentially causing irritation or allergic reactions for some individuals.

  • Why aren’t your tabs naked?

    For now, unwrapped tabs result in considerable wastage during production and a significantly reduced shelf life, ultimately increasing resource consumption. This is why we don't believe "naked" tabs are truly eco-friendly yet. By wrapping our tabs, we can package our dishwasher tablets efficiently, reducing carbon emissions during shipping and storage compared to unwrapped alternatives.

  • Where are the dish and laundry tabs made?

    Our dish and laundry tablets are made in the EU.

  • Where is Vove based?

    Vove is based in the beautiful capital of Denmark; Copenhagen.With warehouses in England and the Netherlands.

  • What does Vove mean?

    Vove is a danish word which means “to dare”. As we need both courage and audacity to dare to act on the serious global challenges which we as a human population are facing today. “Vove” to take risks and challenge the status quo with us!

  • Who is behind vove?

    Vove is created by Kevin Bendixen, a 24-year-old (20 when he started Vove) Danish entrepreneur who believes that sustainable convenience can be a reality. With Vove, his goal is to drive the world economy towards circularity with sustainable, beautiful, convenient, and high-quality products for everyone!

  • Does Vove offer wholesale?

    Reach out to us at hello@vove.co for more information!

  • Where are Vove products made?

    Our refills are developed and manufactured in the Denmark. Our tablets in Italy, Our sponge cloths in Germany, our bottles are designed in the Denmark and responsibly manufactured in China. We take pride in creating high-quality products that are ethically and sustainably sourced, manufactured, and distributed.

  • What is Vove’s vision and mission?

    Our Vision: to make the best products possible, and to leave the planet better than we found it. Our Mission: To offer a wide range of home essentials that are as effective, sustainable, convenient, and affordable as possible.

  • What are Vove’s values?

    We believe that everything inside your home can be good for you, the planet, and everything in between. This is reflected in our values and the way we do business.

  • How can I track my order?

    Head to your account page and select the order you'd like to track. You'll see the order number next to each shipped item. Once your order is shipped, we'll also send you an email with your tracking information. If your order was shipped recently, please allow up to 24 hours for the tracking number to update.

  • Is there a minimum order requirement?

    Absolutely not! Feel free to order as little or as much as you desire. Depending on your order size, shipping might be on the house!

  • How much is shipping?

    - 3£ on regular orders - free over 25£ and free on subscription order over 15£

  • Does Vove ship internationally?

    t the moment, Vove ships to the UK. We currently do not ship to the US, but you can find our products on Amazon.We're working on shipping to other countries and hope to offer this service to customers soon!

  • Are duties and taxes included in my order total at checkout?

    Yes, shipping and taxes for orders are calculated at checkout.Please note that Vove has no control over any duties charged for international shipments. Customs policies vary, so if you have additional questions, contact your local customs office.

  • When can I expect my order to be shipped?

    For orders placed before 12:00 CET (Monday to Friday), we'll dispatch them on the same day. Orders placed after 12:00 CET or on weekends will be dispatched on the following business day. You'll receive tracking details by email once your order is in the hands of our carrier.

  • What if I want to return or exchange the product I received?

    We're sorry to hear you'd like to return your product. For returns, email us at Hello@vove.co with your order number in the subject line to expedite the process.

  • What should I do if I receive the wrong or damaged product?

    We apologize for the slip-up. Please email us at Hello@vove.co with your order number in the subject line and include a picture of how the products arrived.

  • Can I modify or change my order?

    Our ordering system is almost fully automated. As soon as you place your order, it's forwarded to our shipping service provider and prepared for shipment. Usually, you can only cancel your order shortly after it has been received.

  • What materials are used for shipping my products?

    We take pride in our eco-friendly packaging, using mainly recycled cardboard and keeping plastic out of the picture. We welcome your feedback on our packaging and any suggestions for improvement. Feel free to contact us at Hello@vove.co.

  • What if my discount code isn't working?

    Reach out to us at Hello@vove.co or get in touch through our social media channels @vove.co

  • What is your tablets packaged in?

    Our tablets are Packaged in FSC certified recycled kraft boxes and nothing else!

  • What your brushes, sponges etc. packaged in?

    We try to use as little packaging as possible, so for things like brushes we don’t use any at all. For Sponges and similar we use a small recycled kraft wrap to hold the sponges together.