Cleaning spray starter set

Unstoppable clean, unbelievable green

  • 3x reusable bottles, 6x refills
  • Buy it once, refill it forever 
  • 100% recycled bottles
  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Buy together and save 25%

Ultimate Household Cleaning Trio for a Sparkling Home. Powerful, non-toxic, plant-based formulas, beautiful, reusable bottles, and a delightful green tea nature scent make cleaning a breeze. Join the refill revolution today! - You get 6 refills with your bottles.

If subscription, after your first delivery, you will receive just the refills for £9

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Cleaning spray starter set

How to use

Fill bottle

With tap water

Add refill

To the bottle

Swirl & clean

Better than ever


Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the cleaning spray starter set?

3x reusable cleaning bottles & 3x cleaner refills (we call em cleanfills)

How do I use the concentrated cleanfills?

To use the cleanfills, simply add the contents of one sachet to a 500ml reusable bottle, fill with water and voila you are done

Are the Vove cleaners safe for children and pets?

Yes, Vove cleaners are non-toxic, pet-safe, cruelty-free, and vegan, making them safe to use around children and pets.

How long do the cleanfills last?

Each sachet makes 500ml of cleaning solution, and the longevity of the solution depends on how frequently you clean. However, one sachet should typically last for a couple of months with regular use.

What scent does the cleaners have?

Our cleaners comes with a subtle and refreshing scent of "green tea nature" (pretentious yes) providing a pleasant and uplifting aroma during your cleaning sessions.

How do I dispose of the refill sachets?

Refill sachets are recyclable and can be composted at home or industrially. Allow at least 12 weeks of composting time in your home compost.