Glass starter set

Streaks? Not on our watch!

  • Streak-free shine for glass & mirrors
  • Buy it once, refill it forever
  • No unnecessary colorants
  • Made with wind power for a greener clean

Say goodbye to streaks and hello to Vove's glass cleaner. It's the perfect way to get a crystal clear view of your surroundings without any harsh chemicals or unnecessary colorants (even if you're just staring at your neighbor's cat through the window).

If subscription, after your first delivery, you will receive just the refills for £2

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the bathroom starter set?

1x Reusable glass cleaner bottle & 1x glass cleaner refill (we call em cleanfills)

Is the Glass cleaner safe to use on my computer or TV screen?

Our cleaner is suitable for most screens; however, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning screens to avoid damage.

How many refills do I need for one bottle of cleaner?

One refill (cleanfill) makes 500ml of cleaning solution, so you will need one sachet for a 500 ml bottle.

How do I mix the concentrated refill with water?

Fill your 500ml bottle with water, add the refill, and swirl to mix.

Can I use this cleaner on other surfaces besides glass and mirrors?

Yes, our cleaner works well on chrome and other shiny surfaces, leaving them streak-free and sparkling.

What scent does the Glass cleaner have?

Our Glass cleaner comes with a subtle and refreshing scent of "green tea nature" (pretentious yes) providing a pleasant and uplifting aroma during your cleaning sessions.