Complete Starter kit

Big starter kit, small footprint. Let’s get cleaning, sustainably

  • Buy it once, refill it forever
  • 100% recycled bottle
  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Buy together and save 27%

Welcome to the Complete starter kit: The Ultimate Clean Team! Strong, safe, plant-based blends in chic, refillable vessels, paired with charming looks and natural scents making cleaning delightful. Be part of the refill revolution today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the complete starter kit?

1x dish brush, 1x scrub brush, 3x kitchen sponges, 3x hemp dryer balls, 3x sponge cloths, 3x reusable cleaner bottles, 3x cleanfills, 30x laundry tablets, 30x dishwasher tablets

How do I use the concentrated cleanfills?

To use the cleanfills, simply add the contents of one sachet to a 500ml reusable bottle, fill with water and voila you are done (you can shake it or swirl it if you want, but there's no need to since our solutions isen't made from powder ;)

How many tablets do I need per load of laundry?

Use one tablet per load for optimal cleaning performance.

Do I need to unwrap the tablets?

No, our tabs are 100% bio-degradable (including the film) so there is no need to unwrap ;)

How many tablets are in each box?

Each box contains 30 tablets. This goes for both dishwasher tablets and laundry tablets

How do I replace the brush head?

Simply unclip the old head from the handle (wiggle it) and put in the new replacement head, slide back the clip and get cleaning!